Our Super Bowl Ad

Our Super Bowl Ad

Well, it’s not really our ad. As a matter of fact, it’s an ad for one of our competitors but it makes a good point that I don’t think they meant to make.

Let me explain…

This is an ad for a website service where you can sign up for free and build your own website. Go ahead and check it out:

So, I’m on board with Gal Gadot and Jason Statham kicking the crap out of an army of bad guys any day of the week (let’s just get that out of the way first). The problem with the ad is that it illustrates the inherit fault these sitebuilder services all have. In the ad, the business owner sits down at his computer and spends the entire ad building a website. He’s an accomplished chef with a swanky restaurant, but we never see him cook a thing because he has his headphones on and his face stuck in a computer. He ignores his business so he can promote his business so much so that he end up losing his business.

He’s no longer a chef. He’s a web designer.

This happens all the time. Businesses want to keep costs low so they try to handle web design and development by themselves. Even in the best case scenario where the website looks professional, stays secure, and functions without issues, you’re still spending time away from your business to manage it.

Our main market since 2006 has been high-end websites that can tend to price out some small businesses looking for a quick and simple website. That’s why in 2016 we introduced Spark Sites that cost just as much per month as these sitebuilder services but give you a hand-built and professionally-supported website. These sites are light and fast and have over 65 templates to start from. Spark Sites are built specifically for the business owners who don’t have the time or money to invest in a large-scale site but still need to keep their business competitive online.

If that interests you, check out some more information here.

If that doesn’t interest you, check out our favorite Super Bowl ad here.

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Adam Whitley

Adam created Coconut Radio as a way to put his 10+ years of web development experience to use helping the businesses and community of Fredericksburg, VA. He was born here and can still be found around town goofing off with his wife and 2 kids, playing guitar at the farmer's market, or digging through used books and vinyl.